I am pleased and honoured to share these awards with all my friends.
They are a tribute to all the hard work that has gone into making this site and should be enjoyed by all !!!!!

Awarded 16 February 06

Awarded 25 May 03

Awarded 25 May 03

Awarded 28 April 2003


Awarded 21 April 2003                                 Awarded 24 April 2003

Awarded 20 April 2003

"Congratulations on winning Pooh's Award for an Active Web Page.
Either you have been keeping your page updated at least weekly
or you are attracting a lot of traffic to your site. Most likely, both apply."

Awarded 20 April 2003

Congratulations on earning Pooh's Golden Hunny Award for
having a high-quality site with no broken links or broken images.
It takes a lot of work to maintain a great site."

Awarded 19 April 2003


Awarded 15 April 2003                                      Awarded 17 April 2003


Awarded 26 March 2003                                      Awarded 26 March 2003

Awarded 20 March 2003

Tigger's Friendship Award

Awarded 24 March 2003

"Congratulations on earning Tigger's Friendship Award
for having a family-friendly site. Thank you for helping to keep the web safe for kids!"

Awarded March 26 2003